Hu’s House 胡宅





餐桌上Zettel'z紙片吊燈、Carl Hansen&Søn的木質圓桌及休閒椅,這些經典的家具設計不居一格的混搭在一起,簡潔的線條和簡單的形式,讓空間感覺清新而現代。

設 計 者/翁梓富
參 與 者/林采雯
攝 影 者/揅空間工作室
面 積/33坪

The clients are a couple who love cooking and gardening, and they appreciate life at a slow pace.
We hope to adopt their lifestyle as an inspiration and reflect it in the design.

This apartment has an almost 12-meter-long balcony that runs across the width of the entire apartment. Although this 12-meter-long balcony occupies a considerable proportion of the area, it needs to be sufficiently wide, and it only serves as a corridor, which cannot be used effectively.
Hence, we widened the middle section of the balcony so that the balcony extends into the apartment. The widened part can be used as an exterior vestibule and a place for transition between the inside and outside. Moreover, it provides a relatively spacious outdoor working space for gardening needs, which satisfies the owner's passion for gardening. Furthermore, natural light can enter the interior from different directions to optimize indoor lighting. This creates a verdant private garden for relaxation and tranquility.

For the setting of the interior space, the living, dining, and kitchen spaces are completely opened up, providing clients with the opportunity to interact with family members and appreciate the greenery on the balcony while enjoying cooking.
The piano room is adjacent to the dining room and hidden by a wide black iron-sliding door. When the sliding door is opened, the piano room can be integrated with the living and dining rooms. When relatives and friends visit, they can enjoy delicious food in the dining room while playing a few pieces of music, which reflects the artistic conception of "The wine, the song, life goes on — but for how long?”

The arched corridor connects the public and private areas, and this geometric shape appears to smoothly integrate into the square space.
We kept the private area open to the balcony. All areas adjacent to the balcony are designed with large glass floor-to-ceiling windows. While resting and relaxing, owners can enjoy the greenery on the balcony. Moreover, the owners can also directly walk into the balcony to receive exposure to sunlight and air outdoors.

The exterior of the apartment has a cool gray tone, which sets off the groups of greenery carefully cultivated by the owner.
In contrast, the interior adopts a softer tone, such as off-white, sand, and gray to create a relaxing and casual atmosphere.
With Zettel's paper chandelier above the dining table and Carl Hansen & Søn's wooden round table and lounge chairs, these classic furniture designs are eclectically mixed and matched together. Their clean lines and simple forms make the space fresh and modern.

Designer/Jeff Weng
Participants/Lina Lin
Photographer/Millspace & Workpaperpress
Nature of Space/ Residential Space
Location /Taipei City, Taiwan


[WABISABI 侘寂雜誌11期]