La Vie Friande 香.甜生活






設 計 者/翁梓富
參 與 者/張欣宜
攝 影 者/墨田工作室
面 積/25坪

The floor space of the original bungalow was not large; the ceiling is about 3.5 metres high, therefore, most of its residents used the mezzanine for storage. The attic had been extended to the rear of the house many years ago. This unusual pattern greatly affected the indoor lighting and created a storage area that was large but not suitable.

To address this gloomy interior space, we provided an alternative plan that is full of vibrance. We removed the attic’s roof to introduce natural light and created a bright indoor garden so that the people inside could feel as if they are in a beautiful, secluded place.

La Vie Friande is a multi-functional space for desserts and baking classrooms. We hoped to reflect both solidity and light in the clear layers of food and the dynamic interaction of teachers and students onto the space. Therefore, we used a range of constructional materials that are somewhat bold and emphasized their thickness and mildness.

The ceiling is made of pallet wood with its surface left unplaned; this has brought a gentle rhythm to the space. Hand-trowelled cement plaster introduces a strong tactile finish and texture, and the extensive use of this coating exudes a sense of calm and authority. Copper piping adds a sharp contrast to the muted grey-green cement plaster and the patina of copper chloride that will be generated over time will make the colour and lustre of the copper pipe more perfect.

Designer/Jeff Weng
Participants/Zhang Xinyi
Photographer/Moooten Studio
Nature of Space/Commercial Space
Location / Taipei City, Taiwan

**收錄於 AD Russia yatzer