Yen's House 嚴宅





設 計 者/翁梓富
參 與 者/張欣怡、許媁甯
攝 影 者/墨田工作室
面 積/37坪

Yen’s Residence is in an apartment building in downtown Taipei. The former owner decorated the interior with a classical style, emphasizing the decorative nature of space while ignoring functional living space. The decorative objects had aged and degraded over time, and there was not enough storage space, which led to congestion and disorder.

Mr. Yen’s family lived in this environment for a period of time and provided feedback about the space. There was not enough storage space. The children’s toys were scattered everywhere, and the couple’s many books could not be properly organized.

In order to create a more comfortable layout for a family of four, most of the interior non-load-bearing walls were removed to open the space and improve its flexibility. Walls and compartments were almost entirely replaced by cabinets, providing essential storage functions for each different space.

The overall arrangement emphasizes a neat and well-utilized space, and most of the walls were painted with finely textured white and gray paint. The wall surface in the dining room area is paved with gray tiles, which not only provides a bold visual contrast but also hides the entrances of the bathroom and bedroom. It is intended to be a simple and neat design—an object that conceals yet creates visual tension.

Designer/Jeff Weng (Weng Zifu)
Participants/Zhang Xinyi
Photographer/Moooten Studio
Nature of Space/Residential Space
Location / Taipei City, Taiwan

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