Liu's House 劉宅


設 計 者/翁梓富
參 與 者/張欣怡、許媁甯
攝 影 者/墨田工作室
面 積/36坪

This project is in a high-rise building in Hsinchu, with good lighting and an excellent view. Unfortunately, the standard configuration of the building was the same as that of most houses—the interior was too closed. Even if the house could accommodate a four-room layout, it still lacked the necessary breadth, and the center of the house was often dark.

Faced with this problem, we attempt to cut openings and passages in the walls to establish spatial continuity. Natural light can also enter the house through the openings.

On the axes of connected space, suitable cabinets were installed to provide functionality of the channels.

The new cabinets are covered with cement to form thick walls, which are combined with white walls to construct a firm image of folding and block stacking.

The concept of indoor space allocation was borne from a couple who lived together but exhibited different rhythms and characteristics.

We arranged several sliding doors in the public space to establish the integration of the internal space in such a way that the boundary of space is not clearly defined, and the space is allowed to be closed, open, and semi-open. Because we do not want to disrupt spatial continuity by shutting a door, we hope to achieve a space that allows family members to coexist somewhat harmoniously without disturbing one another.

Designer/Jeff Weng
Participants/Zhang Xinyi
Photographer/Sumida Studio
Nature of Space/Residential Space
Location / Hsinchu City, Taiwan

收錄於 [IW Magazine 傢飾128期]