Huang house 黃宅

設 計 者/翁梓富(Jeff Weng)
參 與 者/陳佳幼、許媁甯
攝 影 者/游宏祥攝影工作室
面 積/54坪

The design has three unique feature made manifest through slight modification to redefine the existing space and make efficient use of the new design. The main change includes a precise border between lobby and piano room which also creates an indirect link from the elevator hall to the interior. A long wall set in the living room extends into a semi-open piano room. This wall intersects with an existing partition cut out in a moon-shaped round profile. The recessed space is reserved with the piano room and the inward profile retains sound in the area. An parent’s room is immediately linked to the piano room. This room can be fully open when not occupied.
The second feature of the design was how the materials were selected to shape the proper interior ambience. To assure the essence of each material was properly expressed, the materials reveal their natural textures without being re-fabricated. Wood appears at the ceiling, cement on the floor and stone slate clads the wall.
The Chinese believe the moon is a symbol of family gatherings and sentimental memories of the past. The moon is interpreted into this home by the moon-gate in the living room. The delicate treatment of the artificial lighting blurs boundaries and sends out a gentle and warm light that links the public and private zones together. Jeff proclaimed that the sentimental lighting generates a tranquil mind and peaceful belonging for all the family members.
The design is not sophisticated in terms of materiality but rather limited with simple materials with proper details and proportion. For Jeff, a good home is a place for someone to dwell in peace rather than elicit unnecessary desires.

Designer/Jeff Weng
Participants/Ning Hsu
Photographer/Kyleyu Photo Studio
Nature of Space/Residential Space
Location / Taipei City, Taiwan